Go Figure


Brand trademarks owned in Russia by a 39-year-old former car-alarm salesman named Sergei Zuykov. The most well-known of them is Starbucks, which Zuykov is now trying to sell to the real Starbucks. Zuykov, one of a number of trademark squatters in Russia, says what he’s doing might not be fair, but it’s legal. “When we applied, Starbucks was not so interested in coming to Russia,” he says. Starbucks sued and won a court ruling in Moscow, but Zuykov got a temporary injunction. Zuykov has set his price: $600,000. Meanwhile, the Moscow coffeehouse scene is booming. In a statement, Starbucks said: “We are aware of the high potential for Starbucks coffeehouses in Russia, but we are still in the exploration stage for this market.”


Car number of Nascar driver Jeff Gordon, whose longtime fans may do a double take next year as his Chevrolet will bear the logo of GlaxoSmithKline’s Nicorette smoking-cessation product in two races. In addition to being a primary sponsor for those races, Nicorette will be an associate sponsor all year for Gordon’s team—quite a development for a sport that for years counted R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. as a major sponsor and whose main racing series was the Winston Cup. GSK teamed with Richard Petty earlier this year to start a “quitting crew” and with Chip Ganassi as a sponsor on his No. 41 Dodge.