Go Figure


Height, in feet, of “Natalia,” aka “the 90-Foot Babe,” the giant star of a new Lee Dungarees TV spot from Fallon. In the ad, she trudges through New York to a remixed version of Roy Orbison’s “Pretty Woman,” comes upon a guy’s apartment, taps on the window and scrawls her phone number, (212) 468-2817, on a nearby building. (Call the number, and you get her “answering machine.”) The spot features Buddy Lee and the phrase, “No matter what happens, don’t flinch.” Natalia is also writing a blog at www.dontflinch.us. She writes, “Because I’m fifteen times taller than most of the other models out there, my career has had its ups and downs. Other models can be really catty sometimes, talking about how ‘huge’ I am, but I’m not ashamed of my height. Traveling cross-country on foot keeps me toned, so I know I look good.”


Minutes that an NFL game between the Houston Texans and the San Diego Chargers was delayed last week due to a power outage at Houston’s Reliant Park—which is named for power company Reliant Energy. The ironic turn of events was caused by a short circuit believed to have been triggered somewhere outside the stadium when a small plastic balloon came in contact with a power line. An NFL official ordered the game to continue by the light coming through the stadium’s translucent retractable roof, which eventually opened.