Go Figure


Years that Ehrlich, an insect-exterminator company with offices up and down the Atlantic Coast, has been using the slogan, “The 911 of pest control.” The motto remained after 9/11, and an article in last Sunday’s Philadelphia Inquirer catalogued consumer complaints about it. “My first reaction was that I didn’t see that right, that no one could be that insensitive,” said one. “What will be your next slogan, ‘We’re the Holocaust of the pest war’? ” asked another. A company rep said: “We started the slogan in response to research that shows consumers want someone there quickly, someone who is responsive, and someone who will do a good job. When we explain it, people understand.” Asked if Ehrlich ever considered abandoning the slogan, the rep added, “If we did that, then we thought we were giving the terrorists a victory.”


Years since the Detroit Pistons last went to the NBA Finals. In that time, attention to detail may have slipped a notch in the marketing department. Following a league-wide custom, the Pistons, when playing at home, generally put their URL on top of the backboard, an area visible in replays during games. But the Web address visible on one backboard during the Indiana-Detroit series read Pitons.com, rather than Pistons.com. Where is a copy editor when you need one? A Pistons rep told Salon last Wednesday that the team was unaware of the misspelling.