Go Figure


Teams to be formed for the Lingerie Football League, inspired by the Lingerie Bowl—the pay-per-view event that premiered during halftime of the Super Bowl and featured models and actresses playing tackle football in their underwear. The league’s charter members are the Los Angeles Dream, the Chicago Passion, the New York Euphoria and the Dallas Desire.


Electric ad banners set to go up inside 20 public hospitals in New York. The New York City Health and Hospitals Corp. says “advertisers will have daily access to millions of consumers in a burgeoning health-care setting.” There are restrictions: Ads cannot be placed in “in-patient care units,” nor can they promote alcohol, tobacco, gambling or prescription medication. (Ads for over-the-counter meds are OK.) Critics are concerned the move will set a troubling precedent. Said one: “Given the setting, they run the risk that people will feel the appearance of an ad for a medical product is more than an ad, it’s some sort of endorsement.”


Age of Nissan Motor Co. president Carlos Ghosn, who last week was somewhat embarrassed to find himself in a traffic accident in downtown Tokyo—in his Porsche. He crashed the car into a motorcycle. The driver and passenger were slightly injured. Ghosn was unharmed.