Percent of Americans who have abandoned land-line telephone service in favor of a completely wireless existence, according to industry estimates. But many are headed back to traditional phones because of reception problems like those experienced by AT&T CEO Dave Dorman. “I can’t use AT&T Wireless at home without going and standing on the driveway, which can be inconvenient,” he said in a speech last week. Asked if people should install special antennae in their attics to ease the problem, Dorman replied, “That’d be cool if you’d want to do that. … I could probably make some money on it.”


Months that alcohol advertisers in Brazil have left before new guidelines requiring them to “avoid the use of eroticism” in ads takes effect. Under the new rules, ads may only feature models and actors “who are and seem older than 25 years of age,” which will come as unwelcome news to young women who had been planning what is a traditional career-launching move in Brazil: appearing in a bikini in one of the nation’s beer campaigns.