Go Figure

2,066,000: Google hits for the word spike that are not a reference to Spike Lee. Still, Lee is suing Viacom over its plans to rename TNN as Spike TV. He is asking for an injunction against Viacom’s use of the name, saying he never gave his consent for it to be used.

65: Percent of the vote that John Hickenlooper, a Denver brew-pub owner with no political experience, received in a runoff election for mayor last week. Hickenlooper’s campaign TV spots, which were as frothy as his beers, won the day. He talked about issues while riding a scooter, trying on clothes to make himself look more mayoral and feeding parking meters for overticketed citizens. “I liked his commercials,” said one voter. “He just got on his little scooter.”

3,000: Breakfasts of scones, croissants and egg-and-herb-filled brioches Martha Stewart served at the New York Stock Exchange when she took her company public in 1999.

4,000: Shares of ImClone Systems stock she dumped on Dec. 27, 2001, precipitating her legal woes.