Go Figure

500: Number of bonus miles that were given to thousands of people who were erroneously told they had won the Kellogg’s-American Airlines 25,000 Miles-a-Day Sweepstakes. There were only supposed to be 60 winners. A computer glitch was blamed for the mix-up.

15 Million: Number of meatball portions sold each year by Ikea, making the furniture maker one of Sweden’s biggest food exporters and restaurant chains. Swedes around the world ease their homesickness by noshing on meatballs, herring and lingonberry jelly at Ikea stores. “I wouldn’t go to an Ikea just to buy food, but if I go there anyway I stock up a bit,” says Anne Datson, a Swede who lives in London and is married to an Englishman.

9: Years since Larry Heyes, a 50-year-old garbageman in New Bedford, Mass., and star of a recent civic-pride ad for the historic whaling city, was convicted on a child-molestation charge. “Good lord, in a public-service campaign, you wouldn’t think you would have to vet people,” says the editor of the New Bedford Standard-Times, which ran the ad.