Go Figure

36 – Rank of “That Guy in the Huge Calvin [Klein] Ad at Houston and Broadway” on the New York Press’ list of the 50 Most Loathsome New Yorkers. “He’s four-hundred-feet tall,” the paper writes, “he’s got flowing blond locks, he’s shirtless, his pubes are showing and you can almost hear him saying: ‘Yeah, and what are you going to do about it, bitch?’ Life in this city is difficult enough without having to navigate a path to work every morning through a forest of giant, pouting supermodels.” No ad execs made the list.

12 – Number of Clios Sid Ramin has won for commercial jingles. Ramin, 84, won an Oscar in 1961 for the musical adaptation of West Side Story, and he’s back in the news as the arranger of Sam Mendes’ revival of Gypsy, starring Bernadette Peters. “I was embarrassed at first about doing commercials,” he told The New York Times last week, “but I could spend weeks and weeks on a Robert Goulet album, then make more money from a commercial written in a single afternoon.” Advertising isn’t like it used to be, he says. “You can listen to my commercial for Olive Garden restaurants and I defy you to hear the music. It’s buried beneath a dialogue track and an effects track.”