Go Figure

0 – Number of Big Macs that 79-year-old Clare Kimmerle has eaten in her 33 years on the job at McDonald’s in Southampton, Pa., reinforcing the notion (frowned on in some legal circles these days) that just because Big Macs are everywhere doesn’t mean you have to eat them.

132 – Number of teeth-whitening devices—gums, pastes, strips and liquids—introduced in the past five years, according to an article on the trend by Chicago Tribune cultural critic Julia Keller. Though it’s all the rage today, the pursuit of “boldly, brashly, vividly, sometimes obscenely and insanely white teeth” isn’t new. Discolored teeth have always been associated with “old age, bad breath, withered hopes,” Keller writes, adding that the only excuse for “dingy grins” today is “apathy or deliberate contrariness.

40 – Number of days until Scare Tactics premieres on the Sci-Fi Channel. But the reality show may be in trouble: One of its “guests,” a grade-school teacher from L.A., is suing the network, claiming to have suffered severe emotional damage after being duped into thinking that a space alien was chasing her. (It was an actor in a suit.)