These hearts are in the right place.

A new campaign by Green Team Advertising for Washington-based Conservation International uses the talents of actor Harrison Ford to tout the importance of bio diversity hot spots.

The effort breaks on July 17 and includes a spot that is running in 60- and 30-second versions. One 60-second version breaks in-cinema at the premiere of Ford’s new movie, K-19; others are running on TV and during United Airlines flights.

The spot features Ford speaking as an ani mated heart in his chest transforms into a globe. “The human heart,” says Ford. “Just over 1 percent of your body weight, but critical to your survival. Our earth has places just over 1 percent of its surface which are critical to our survival.”

Ford then notes how Conservation Interna tional helps preserve these biodiversity hot spots, which provide valuable resources. At the end, Ford says, “One percent may not seem like much, but sometimes it can make all the difference in the world. Literally.”

Ford is a Conservation International board member and an active participant in its programs. “Using his heart would be a way to link it to the hot spots,” said Hugh Hough, cd/president at the New York-based agency.

The campaign also includes print.