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Gingiss Formal Wear: A FITTING FASHION By Kellie Krumplitsch and Henry En

AGENCY: Bozell/Chicago

CREATIVE DIRECTOR: Cindy Bokhof, John Gagne
COPYWRITER: Deidre Fitzpatrick
CLIENT: Gingiss International
After years of providing formal wear for every occasion, Gingiss International has come to recognize the importance that men place on fit when renting a tuxedo.
In a series of print ads from Bozell/Chicago, Gingiss plays to that concern while also striving to cast itself as the elite among formal wear rental companies.
Copy in each of the three ads focuses on the attention Gingiss pays to such details as fit, style and customer satisfaction.
The accompanying visuals, however, take a less service-oriented tone and show vignettes of the various situations where a tuxedo is essential.
The tagline, ‘The difference in black and white,’ attempts to blend the notions of service and style.
The campaign is breaking now in bridal publications and is accompanied by radio spots.
Copyright Adweek L.P. (1993)