Get ’em While They’re Young

It may not keep them away from Marilyn Manson in later years, but a new pro bono program from Dallas’ WRR-FM classical music station is aiming to turn April newborns in the Metroplex into budding Einsteins–and perhaps a future demographic.
Through “Smart Babies,” WRR, Sony Music and two local hospitals are giving free classical music CDs to new mothers as they check out with their babies.
The idea–called the “Mozart Theory”–is that babies who begin listening to classical music will help stimulate “firing patterns of neurons” that strengthen creative right-brain processes.
The thesis is based on a 1993 study in which college students studying in silence scored lower on reasoning tests than classmates who prepared while listening to Mozart.
The CD includes work by Bach, Beethoven and Rachmaninoff. Whether Puff Daddy’s absence was an oversight was not disclosed. –Glen Fest