Geppetto’s Imagination Soars in Toy Stories

NEW YORK The Geppetto Group will launch its first work for Little Tykes on Monday in two TV spots that juxtapose the perspectives of parents and children.

“Theme Park” promotes the toy manufacturer’s Swing Along Castle, a brightly colored swingset that a child imagines to be a theme park filled with fun and adventure. Using different camera angles and lenses, the spot portrays both viewpoints of the kid-mom story.

In “Playroom Pirates,” the New York shop shows the client’s indoor pirate-ship playground literally turning into a vehicle for the children’s imagination. As the kids pretend to be pirates aboard the ship, they confront treacherous waves, thunderstorms and sword battles. They are steered to safety when their parents enter the room, then return to reality wearing drenched clothes as the remnants of their imagined adventure.

Campaign spending was undisclosed. Geppetto won the $5 million advertising account in November.