Georgia Power Sniffs Out Savings

NEW YORK Georgia Power is going to the dogs, literally, with its newest advertising campaign that helps provide consumers with energy-saving tips.

In the ads, fictitious “legendary” trainer Ryder Hamilton teaches dogs to sniff out items such as Energy Star label products, florescent lightbulbs and sources of energy waste. The idea is to show consumers where they can save money on electric bills around the home. The messaging says, “Sniff out more savings at”

TV and radio spots provide tips on how consumers can help lower their electric bills by saving energy in the kitchen, living room, utility room and outside. features an interactive K9 Unit. Users can “train” the dogs to seek out savings and afterwards reward the dogs with treats for providing helpful energy-saving advice. Print and out-of-home are also in the mix. The Richards Group in Dallas is the agency.

Adam Pickard, marketing communications manager for Georgia Power, said in a statement: “We wanted to highlight Georgia Power’s commitment to helping our customers save money and energy without compromising their lifestyles.”

Nielsen Business Media