GdB Gets Tough in Zebco Effort

In its first work for the company, Gabriel deGrood Bendt exaggerates tough-guy be havior to depict the strength of Zebco’s Rhino brand fishing rods and reels.

“We were looking for a simple way to reinforce the toughness of the tackle,” said creative director Tom Gabriel. “It’s not all that different from other male-oriented products.”

A 30-second television spot airing during NASCAR programming on Fox Sports Net and during cable fishing shows showcases the differences between Zebco and its competitors through its potential customers.

In the commercial, a “tough”man prepares to shave using a large knife. A “Rhino tough” man, however, uses his fishing boat’s motor blades for his morning shave.

“It’s disarmingly simple, but the message is there’s nothing tougher than Rhino rods and reels,” Gabriel said. “We’re showing how tough the product is by showing the people who use it.”

The campaign continues the brand’s long-running themeline, “Indestructible from tip to butt.” The work also uses the line “A new breed of Rhino” to illustrate the brand’s new innovations, such as Kevlar tubing, Gabriel said.

The spot is Gabriel deGrood Bendt’s first work for the company since winning the account earlier this year after a review that in cluded Borders Perrin Nor rander in Portland, Ore. The com pany’s previous agency was Core in St. Louis.

Previous commercials for the Rhino brand took a more lit eral approach, using an actual rhinoceros to tout the tackle, Gabriel said.

“It felt like we needed to evolve and go someplace new,” he said.

Two more commercials from the agency are ex pected to break later this year for the Rhino brand, Gabriel said. Those advertisements will follow similar illustrations of over-the-top tough men, he said.

Zebco traditionally spends about $1 million a year on advertising, according to CMR.

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