Fusebox Conducts Carnegie Hall’s Classical Music 101

NEW YORK Fusebox has launched the first component of what will soon be Carnegie Hall’s educational music portal.

Called Intro to the Classics, the site (www.carnegiehall.org/classics/index.html) lets classical music novices explore terms, composers and recommended listings of the genre. It also encourages visitors to experience live classical concerts at Carnegie Hall offering information about the composers, the music and artists for each performance.

“The novice classical music interest needed to be fostered,” said Fusebox chief creative officer Laura Michaels, who also serves as account director for Carnegie Hall. “It’s really a 101 in classical music.”

For the assignment, the New York-based interactive agency said it tried to debunk the perception that classical music is stodgy by using vibrant colors, bold typography, large color fields and clean lines.

Fusebox, which has worked for the New York music institution for three years, is also responsible for Carnegie Hall’s main Web site (www.carnegiehall.org). Currently, the i-shop is creating My Carnegie, a Web page users can personalize to track events of interest, as well as their purchases and donations.