FreeCredit Unplugs for New Campaign

NEW YORK is breaking a new campaign this week from IPG’s The Martin Agency that emphasizes the need for consumers to manage their credit report with spots showing what happens when scores are neglected.
A new commercial began running on Monday that portrays one woman’s credit score as an out of control puppy tearing up the furniture. “I guess because I wasn’t watching it,” she says as she pets her new tamed higher credit score comfortably on her lap as she slashes back to the score’s unruly phase. “I just let it do whatever it wanted.”
“Sometimes when people get their credit scores, they don’t really know how to deal with them — kind of like a puppy,” said Mark Hriciga, vp, advertising at FreeCreditReport in a statement. “At you can not only check and monitor your credit score, you can learn how to improve it. Having an unruly pet won’t keep you from being able to buy a house or a car, but an unruly credit score can. Our hope is that these fun, memorable spots will drive that notion home.”
Hriciga said that even though the company is supporting this new series, which will also include two additional commercials airing in the next few weeks and online videos, FreeCreditReport still plans to keep its popular “Band” campaign alive.
“You’ll definitely see more of them,” he said. “Think of it like they’re in the studio working on their next album and the tour dates will be announced soon.”
The client spends $70 million annually on ads, per Nielsen.