Forbidden Fruit

Anton LaVey certainly did “Think different,” but Apple appears to want no part of him.

LaVey, the late Church of Satan founder, believed Christianity and other religions to be oppressive to humanity’s animal nature, and saw Apple as something of a fellow innovator. (The com pany’s logo, appa rently a bitten apple, may have tickled him a bit, too.) But when the group posted a LaVey “Think dif ferent” parody on, Apple’s lawyers came calling, says Peter Gilmore, the group’s High Priest and webmaster. Gilmore has now altered the parody to read: “Church of Satan: We ‘think TOO different.’ ”

“We offered our support, but we didn’t expect to get kicked in the teeth,” Gilmore tells Shoptalk. “What a pity Apple doesn’t have any testicular fortitude.”

“If we were making [Apple’s famous “1984” spot] again today,” Gilmore writes on the site, “that young woman might be wearing a Sigil of Baphomet [the goat/pentagram symbol of Satanism], the face on the screen could be that of Steve Jobs, and Apple’s lawyers might be huddling amongst the masses, only moving away from the crowd to stick out a foot in an attempt to trip the heroine on her dash toward the promotion of independent thought.”

Gilmore says Mac users worldwide have been contacting him to say, “How fascistic of [Apple]. How not ‘Think different’ of them.”