Offers Ad Cube

NEW YORK said it has agreed to offer the Ad Cube to advertisers, becoming the first online publisher to offer the ad platform as a part of its inventory.

The ad platform, which houses video, sound, 3-D animation and text-based documents, was introduced in March by San Francisco-based i-shop SF Interactive [IQ Daily Briefing, March 18, 2003]. It acts like a mini-Web site by letting users interact within the unit and not re-directing them to other sites via click-throughs.

“This offers a better solution than the standard microsite idea,” said Bruce Rogers, vice president of marketing for “A microsite allows you to create a content area, but the problem is it’s hard to get people there.” The Ad Cube, on the other hand, puts that content in an ad unit, so users “never have to leave the page,” he said. already offers a variety of rich media formats from vendors like United Virtualities, Klipmart, EyeWonder and Eyeblaster. Though advertisers have expressed interest in the Ad Cube, none have signed on yet to use the ad platform, Rogers said.