The fish is fresh. The location is convenient. And on top of all that, according to a new campaign for New York’s Oyster Bar & Restaurant, the place also serves sharks.

Er … to eat, of course.

The effort was created by McCaffery Ratner Gottlieb & Lane and features six executions that broke recently in the New York area.

One ad for the Grand Central Terminal restaurant highlights its qual ity offerings with the copy, “241 miles to Nantucket. Or 1 block to Grand Central Oyster Bar.” Another ad touts the mako shark on its menu. “Tired of swimming with sharks?” it asks. “Eat one.”

All the ads retain the themeline, “Below sea level in Grand Central.”

The work targets local businesspeople for lunch, said Darren Press, copywriter at the New York shop. “New York and lunch go hand in hand, and lunch in the Oyster Bar does it well,” he said, noting the short, direct copy aims to convey the straightforward approach to food at the Oyster Bar.

Print ads are slated to run in The New York Times and Time Out New York, among others, throughout the year; telephone-kiosk ads are running through mid-September. The shop also seeks to break ads on train platforms in the fall.