FleetBoston Tries Change of Perspective

BOSTON FleetBoston Financial next week breaks new ads in its “Forward. Thinking” campaign via Interpublic Group’s Hill, Holliday, Connors, Cosmopulos.

The spots use the cinematic technique of filming from behind their subjects. Faces and other details are revealed late in the executions, and the ads attempt to explain how Fleet products and services help people from all walks of life.

In one 60-second commercial breaking Tuesday, ordinary people are seen doing different activities—a father and child walking through New York’s Times Square, a couple moving through the site where their home is being built, a woman on her wedding day—from behind to convey the “forward thinking” message. Their faces are not revealed until the end of the spot.

“It’s been said that the eyes are the window to the soul,” says actor Matt Damon, who provides voiceovers for the campaign. “That they reveal character, strength, even dreams … That future you’re looking at? At Fleet, we see it, too. These goals you’re striving for? We’re here to help you reach them. With expertise and advice you can use to make smarter money decisions. Because it all comes down to decisions. The ones we make today shape the realities we live with tomorrow.”

Despite retaining the overall tagline introduced in 2000, the new work employs a more serious tone than Fleet ads of the recent past, which had for the most part taken a light, humorous approach.

Fleet spends about $50 million annually on ads, per CMR. The new effort will run throughout the Northeast, where the bank has a strong presence.