flavor shots

Modernista! this week starts rolling out its first campaign for Veryfine’s Fruit20 flavored water.

Colorful print ads feature models in outlandish makeup and swimsuits, looking as though they’ve been literally squeezed inside product bottles.

Executions will urge consumers to “Find your flavor.” Agency and client executives have played coy on details of campaign content, saying only that ads will portray the brand as a guilt-free, no-calorie indulgence.

Boston-based Moderrnista! added Veryfine in January; the business was previously with crosstown shop Holland Mark, which went out of business last October.

Spending is expected to jump to $10 million—well above the $1-2 million the Littleton, Mass., company spent during the past several years.

The Modernista! effort was shot in early spring by photographer Craig Orsini in an indoor swimming facility at a mansion outside Boston. Agency partner Gary Koepke oversaw creative development.