Is it perception or reality?
At first glance, DDB Needham Chicago’s first campaign for Wilson Sporting Goods Co. racquet sports division looks strangely similar to the now famous Perception/Reality campaign group cd Nancy Rice created in her pre-Needham days for Rolling Stone magazine.
One depicts a tattered, well-used Joy of Sex on the left and a Wilson tennis ball on the right. The headline states ‘The One On The Right Will Help You Perform 30 Minutes Longer.’
In another ad four hippie types are shown on the left and four of Wilson’s hammer line of raquets on the right. ‘If You’re Looking For Dead Heads, Don’t Look Here.’
The headlines and concepts are catchy; the ads are clean and simple.
Although the ads are strikingly similar to Rice’s former campaign, Rice had nothing to do with them. The ads, in fact, came out of group cd’s Brian Fandetti’s group.
Copyright Adweek L.P. (1993)

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