Remember thoseinsufferably dark and boring art films so popular in the 1960s?

Austin Kelley Advertising’s new “Death” spot for the Atlanta Film & Video Festival picks up right where Swedish director Ingmar Bergman left off in The Seventh Seal.

In what purports to be “trailer” for an independent film, a dozen bare-chested, chanting young men run in circles around a Grim Reaper, attempting to produce armpit farts. A voiceover intones: “For a quarter of a century, the Atlanta Film and Video Festival has brought you the best in independent films … This is so not one of them.”

“Rocking Horse,” another faux film promo by the Atlanta shop, stars Tiffany Fallon, the reigning Miss Georgia, and a dysfunctional “mate” who take middle-class sexual malaise to depths even Sigmund Freud feared to plumb.