This Film Company Melted Its Only Cannes Lion and Made Ink to Tattoo People This Week

An award that really gets under your skin

German production company Bubbles Film won a Bronze Lion in 2013 for its Volkswagen spot "Pedro," directed by The Real McCoys through ad agency DDB Tribal Berlin.

But now, that Lion is gone—melted down to extract the copper, which has been infused into ink that the company is using to tattoo Cannes Lions delegates on the Croisette this week.

The company's Award Ink Studio will be open Wednesday to Friday in front of the Carlton Hotel. "In Cannes, the Lions are the most valuable and sought after items," says Bubbles Film Berlin CEO Barbara Kranz. "Everyone wants to go home with one, but only a few get the chance to do so. We've got one, so we thought, why not share it with the world?"

The tattoos will be done in the shape of a Lion, naturally. Check out the "Pedro" spot below.