Fidelity Eases Down ‘Powerstreet’

Teaser Ads Introduce Online Service, Kick Off National Effort
BOSTON–Fidelity Investments last week unveiled its revamped online brokerage service–dubbed “Powerstreet”–with an ad campaign scheduled to run on network and cable TV and in magazines and newspapers nationwide.
This marks the first work for the client from Gotham in New York, which picked up the estimated $50-60 million Powerstreet account following a review this spring. Fidelity’s also worked on some of the print elements in-house.
The campaign recently kicked off with “teaser” ads on cable TV featuring intersecting street signs with the names “Powerstreet” and “Wall Street” and the line, “Powerstreet coming soon.”
Those initial ads will run through Oct. 10, when the main campaign launches. That effort will feature “celebrity parings” who discuss their different investment styles, according to Stephen Cone, president of customer marketing and development. He declined to identify the participants.
In the past, comics Don Rickles and Lily Tomlin have been paired with investment guru Peter Lynch, the former Magellan Fund manager who now serves on Fidelity’s board of directors.
Hill, Holliday, Connors, Cosmopulos in Boston continues to handle Fidelity’s corporate branding account, which is tagged, “Invest responsibly.”
That line will be used in all Fidelity marketing initiatives, including ads for Powerstreet, though ads for that offering will have their own identity and may have a separate line as well, Cone said.
Part of the company’s existing site (, Powerstreet offers an assortment of trading tools, including free Nasdaq level II in-depth financial data. Through an alliance between Fidelity and Lycos, the site allows users to design a personal homepage, a service called Fidelity My View.
Powerstreet competes with other heavily advertised online trading services, such as and E*Trade.