FedEx Delivers Golf Sweepstakes

FedEx today (Monday) began promoting its sponsorship of the FedExCup with a national sweepstakes, which includes a trip to one of five worldwide golfing destinations, and broke ads touting the contest.

This is the third year FedEx is sponsoring the Cup, a points-based championship tournament of the PGA Tour. The shipping company created the sweepstakes this year “to add a little intrigue and drama to the last four events of the PGA Tour season,” said Steve Pacheco, director of advertising at FedEx. During those last four events, more points are at stake, thus more people tune in to watch.

The winner will receive a new set of TaylorMade golf clubs and a golfing trip to their choice of Australia, Canada, Scotland, Spain or South Africa.

The sweepstakes runs until September 13. Entrants can build their own online leaderboard to track which friends are in good enough standing to tag along if they were to win the grand prize. The lists can be sent virally via Facebook and other social networking sites, which will “give people plenty of means to talk back and forth,” Pacheco said.

Ads for the contest will run on TV, in print and online, including on Web sites for the PGA Tour, Yahoo, Golf Digest and others.

In one TV spot, a man dressed in a matador costume shows up at his co-worker’s office in hopes of climbing his leaderboard and joining him for a golfing trip in Spain. The co-worker says that he’s changed his mind and might go to Scotland instead. As the rejected matador leaves, he runs into two other co-workers dressed as a bull and a flamenco dancer, and tells them to “forget it.”

FedEx didn’t disclose the cost of the effort, but Pacheco said the amount was within a normal range of what would be spent on other sporting campaigns. He added that FedEx hopes to hold another sweepstakes next year.