FCC: Jackson Was Indecent

WASHINGTON The Federal Communications Commission on Wednesday proposed more than $3 million in new fines for televised indecency.

The FCC also affirmed its finding that indecency laws were violated when Janet Jackson’s breast was revealed during the Super Bowl broadcast on CBS in 2004.

The network had asked that the Super Bowl decision be reconsidered. Wednesday’s decision upheld $550,000 in proposed fines against 20 CBS-owned stations for the half-time display of Jackson’s breast.

The FCC proposed fines totaling more than $3 million against 101 CBS stations for an episode of Without a Trace that aired Dec. 31, 2004. The show depicted teenage boys and girls participating in a sexual orgy, the commission said.

The decisions were among a batch the FCC released to resolve more than 300,000 complaints of televised indecency in 49 programs, the agency said.

The actions amounted to the first indecency findings in the yearlong tenure of FCC Chairman Kevin Martin, who took office with the support of conservative groups that object to coarse broadcasts.

“These decisions . . . demonstrate the commission’s continued commitment to enforcing the law prohibiting the airing of obscene, indecent and profane material,” Martin said.

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