The Texas Department of Health is not thetypical place race-car drivers go seeking asponsorship, but the state is glad that’s just what 17-year-old Casey Smith did.

Texas is gaining unique exposure forits “Tobacco is foul” campaign as a $75,000 sponsor of Casey’s stock car this season. The native Texan competes in American Speed Association races, which are widely considered to be the proving ground for Nascar.

The sponsorship is an extension of the2-year-old TV, radio and outdoor anti-smoking campaign, which is funded by the 1998 Texas settlement with Big Tobacco. The account is handled by Tuerff-Davis EnviroMedia of Austin, Texas.

“In terms of applic-ability, you couldn’t ask for someone better than a race-car driver since the tobacco industry has been involved in the racing industry for so long,” said agency account supervisor Steve Roberts.

Nascar’s premier event is the Winston Cup race series.