Far From Fresh, It’s Not Stale

After forsaking television for the last 11 years, the Schmidt Baking Co. of Baltimore has returned to the airwaves with a commercial it used 17 years ago for its Blue Ribbon Bread.
The 30-second spot, titled “Diner,” was created by Baltimore advertising agency Trahan, Burden & Charles and originally aired in 1981.
Using the ’60s song “Bread and Butter,” with altered lyrics to tout the client’s brand, the spot takes place in a diner where the counter people sing the praises of Blue Ribbon. The hope is that the music will make Blue Ribbon the top-of-mind (and vocal cords) brand, as it did years ago.
“People were [in 1981] singing the song right into the retail bread department,” said Schmidt director of marketing Stephen Favazza, who appeared in the commercial as a customer. “What more can an advertiser ask for?”
–Jim Osterman