Fallon ‘Thanks’ Citi Customers in TV, Print

CHICAGO Citi introduces its new “Thank You Consumer Rewards” program with a humorous television and print advertising campaign from Fallon.

TV spots from the Minneapolis agency, which broke earlier this week, show people in uncomfortable situations where their only response is “Thank you.” In one ad, a woman asks her boyfriend if they will ever be married. He stumbles for a response before uttering, “Thank you.” The woman, delightedly exclaims, “You’ve never said that to me before.” A voiceover proclaims, “It’s amazing what a simple thank you can do.”

Another spot involves a woman mistakenly identifying another woman as pregnant. When the error is revealed, the first woman can only say, “Thank you.”

Print work, breaking in September magazines, shows people in everyday situations (such as a subway) with quote marks—implying “Thank you”—around things that they earned through the rewards program.

David Lubars was executive creative director on the campaign. John Matejczyk and Steve Driggs served as group creative directors. D.J. Pierce was art director and James Bray was copywriter. Tim Godsall of Biscuit Filmworks directed the campaign.

The campaign continues the New York company’s tagline, “Live richly.”

Spending for the effort was not disclosed. Citi spent $150 million on advertising last year, according to TNS Media Intelligence/CMR.