Fallon Breaks First Work for Subway

CHICAGO Subway restaurants broke its first work from Publicis Groupe’s Fallon during Sunday’s telecast of the Emmy Awards on Fox, introducing a new theme, “It’s OK, I had Subway.”

In the 30-second spot that aired Sunday night, a woman expresses no remorse about scarfing down ice-cream, rationalizing that she ate at Subway earlier in the day. Later, the woman’s husband attempts to use the same excuse to justify washing the car in a cheerleader’s outfit. Other spots depict a doctor dispensing bad medical advice and a man stripping to his underwear in a dance club.

“‘It’s OK’ contines the healthy message Subway already owns,” said Chris Carroll, marketing director of the Subway Franchisee Advertising Trust Fund, in a statement. “By including Subway as a regular part of of their diet, consumers can feel better about other food choices.”

A separate campaign stars familiar pitchman Jared Fogle giving advice on a range of topics. In one ad, a woman asks Jared if she should return a lamp she got as a gift. Jared advises her to do so and also tells her to get a red wine vinagrette club. In other spots, Jared dispenses legal and firefighting advice.

Work retains the familiar “Eat fresh” tagline.

Fallon added the Milford, Conn.-based sandwich chain’s ad account in June followng a review. Subway spends $220 million annually on ads.