Ex-LVL Chief Dilworth Spins Another Web

SAN FRANCISCO-Ed Dilworth, former president of LVL Advertising in Palo Alto, Calif., is opening an agency devoted solely to creating Web-based advertising. The agency, Rockpile Interactive, will open here in the South Park neighborhood on Sept. 1.
A minimum seven-person staff will launch the new agency, with Dilworth serving as president and CEO.
Sources close to LVL Advertising said some of Rockpile’s new staff is expected to come directly from LVL. Dilworth, who resigned from the agency two weeks ago, would not comment on his shop’s staffing plans.
“I believe Rockpile and LVL will have a good working relationship,” said Dilworth. “Both sides want to work toward that end. I left LVL on good terms, and I know the agency is interested in collaborating with Rockpile in the future.”
LVL is negotiating its sale to Think New Ideas [Adweek, July 28].
Rockpile Interactive does not plan to create Web sites for its clients, according to Dilworth, but it will create and place banner ads.
The new agency will also provide traditional services, such as media and account planning, direct marketing and brand management.
“I believe Rockpile is pretty much the first agency to be focused exclusively on Web advertising,” Dilworth said.
“Many agencies have been bogged down with technical aspects of site development and maintenance for their clients,” he continued, “and have been unable to give a lot of energy to developing strong banner advertising on the Web.”
So far, Dilworth’s new agency has two clients, the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco and the M.H. De Young Memorial Museum.