ESPN X Games “Talk Him Down”

Some new tricks are on display in The Martin Agency’s latest promos for the upcoming winter edition of ESPN’s X Games. The ads steer clear of archival footage and try a somewhat unexpected trajectory. Drawing inspiration from Airplane-type spoof movies, the action takes place in an airport tower, suggesting that the athletes’ aerial acrobatics are so intense they need traffic controllers to guide the maneuvers. While not particularly original, the vignettes are well cast and the approach is amusing without being ridiculously over the top, like the humor in such films tends to be. Seeing the skiers and snowboarders sail past the windows adds a measured touch of whimsy. Had they crashed through the panes, the spots would’ve been more memorable. I half expected such goofy antics, but they were wisely avoided, as any suggestion of crashes (or injury to participants or spectators) could’ve blown this flight badly off course. Here, we get a ride free from turbulence with an appropriately soft landing. –David Gianatasio