Escorted Out

Victor Anselmi had a pretty good plan. If only he would have stuck to it.

The 27-year-old art director, keen to show his work to creative executives at Deutsch, called Kathy Delaney and tried to set up an interview. But Delaney’s assistant was on vacation, and Anselmi had to wait until she returned to book a time.

A few days later, as he was strolling past Deutsch’s 8th Avenue offices, Anselmi figured he’d just cut out the middleman—pop in and find Delaney for a chat.

Of course, it wasn’t that easy. The former Kirshenbaum Bond & Partners staffer made it to Delaney’s office, but soon found himself being led quietly out of the building by security.

“I was escorted out like a criminal,” Anselmi says. “I felt like the real ass. It was a very sad day.”

He insists his Roger & Me-ish shenanigans were innocent enough—and orchestrated with the best intentions. “You hear about people getting jobs that way,” he says. “But as soon as it dawned on me what I’d done, I thought, ‘Holy shit.’ I think I freaked her out a little.”

Delaney, recovering in stable condition in her office, remarks of the incident, “It’s extremely flattering that someone would want to get in and show me their work with such enthusiasm. But in the interests of keeping my life semi-sane, they have to go through the proper channels.”

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