Jamie Mambro will lead Dallas firm’s new
Boston office.
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Arnold Now Defending in Michigan
A battle has broken out on a second front for Arnold Communications, already fighting to keep the Boston Regional McDonald’s Co-op business. The $12-15 million Michigan co-op is in review and other regional agencies that work for the fast feeder are circling. See page 8B.

liberty call
for Wallwork
Building on its base of financial-service accounts, Wallwork Curry Sandler has scored again, picking up $3 million in ad chores from Liberty Funds Distributor. The work just six weeks ago had been assigned to CGN
following a review.
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6 contenders
cross swords
A half-dozen out-of- region agencies are semifinalists in the review for A.T. Cross’ estimated
$7-million account. Pagano Schenck
& Kay, which had done media planning and buying for the client, did not advance. Finalists will be named by month’s end.
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Scotch chased
by crackers
Decker in Glastonbury, Conn., has notched its first notable win of the millennium, picking up an assignment to promote Carr’s Crackers in the U.S. The upscale brand from England is distributed domestically by Keebler.
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anti-smoking work
Media-based efforts to combat smoking caught fire last week as the Massachusetts Dept. of Public Health issued two requests for proposals.
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back in the biz
After nearly two
decades in
advertising, Ken Mandelbaum left the business to become a commercial director and aspiring screenwriter. But BBDO made him a
compelling offer: chief creative officer of BBDO West. Angela Dawson reports. Plus, Barbara Lippert, Mark Dolliver and Best Spots of January.
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