EMI Names Nearing for Creative

Dan Nearing can’t get enough of EMI Strategic Marketing. He recently rejoined the agency for a third stint, this time as the shop’s creative director.

“People here are really great to work with, and the stuff we do is getting more and more fun,” Nearing said. “Basically, I came back to stir [things] up.”

A painter by training, Nearing likes to apply his artistic skill to the ads he produces; he hopes to lift the agency to a new creative level, he said.

Nearing replaces Robert Prevost, who has left EMI.

He cites the fun work environment and close relationships he’s forged in the past, particularly with president Campbell Edmund, as his reasons for returning to the 40-person Boston agency, best known for its direct marketing expertise. Nearing first worked for EMI more than a decade ago.

Edlund said she tapped Nearing for the CD post because she was familiar with his “fresh ideas” approach to marketing, as well as the balance between intellect and intuition. “I’m building up the team here; I really wanted to recast the agency,” she said.

Most recently, Nearing served as an art director at Mullen, Wenham, Mass., where he helped design campaigns for the GM Credit Card and EMC Corp.