Embolden, Nail Score in Cyberspace

BOSTON Underscoring the recent resurgence in the local technology sector, and the continued activity among clients seeking to enhance their positions in cyberspace, Embolden Design and Nail Communica-
tions have launched Web sites for a pair of strikingly different clients.

Embolden in Pawtucket, R.I., has designed two sites to support a three-part documentary TV series that will air nationally on public TV this fall. The series, The College Track: America’s Sorting Machine, is presented by WETA in Washington, D.C., and produced by Roundtable in Waltham, Mass.

Embolden created the program’s official site (thecollegetrack.com) and a second venue for a related outreach effort on behalf of educational equity (outreach.thecollegetrack.com).

“As a Web company with many nonprofit clients, we also like to create media with a social mission,” said Ann-Marie Harrington, president of Embolden.

Providence, R.I.-based Nail has overhauled the Web presence of family-run Berkshire Blanket of Ware, Mass., adding ease-of-use features and giving the site cozy, bright visual touches, such as a blanket of flowers welcoming shoppers to the home page.

“They asked us to redesign their site so that it was a beautiful, elegant branding piece, but at the same time they wanted it to be a hard-working, highly functional e-commerce site,” said Brian Gross, creative partner at Nail.

—Adweek staff report