This Elder Statesman From the Internet’s Early Days Is Still Thriving is one of those early Internet destinations that is often remembered as being rooted in an era of 56k modems, AOL email addresses and Angelfire webpages. But unlike some of those late-'90s relics, is still relevant—as of October, comScore ranks it as the 35th most-trafficked site on the Web, ahead of both The New York Times and Netflix. The 18-year-old site, which publishes articles and videos covering more than 1,000 topics, is now an IAC property with a sleek midtown New York headquarters.

"The No. 1 thing we want in our space is good energy, which I think we have achieved, and the space has a really nice flow and balance," said CEO Neil Vogel. "It's bright, open, creative, collaborative, somewhere you'd want to come every day." There is one downside. "All of our windows face out on Times Square," said Vogel. "So you get a fair amount of Taylor Swift concerts at 9 a.m."


Beverage Service

The Hawaiian Airlines bar cart comes out on special occasions to boost morale, according to Vogel.


In the Kitchen

The kitchen is the central meeting place of the office. Stocked with free food, the area serves many functions, from conference room to beer pong tournament venue.


Roped In

The rope ceiling stretches across most of the office. It represents the Web and the idea that everyone is connected.


Sticky Solutions’s product team lines the walls with Post-it notes, which serve as a reminder to the staff to continually be on the lookout for innovative ideas and solutions.

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