Eisner Tops Off Taxis

New outdoor work from Eisner Communications plays games with business travelers.

The Baltimore independent shop has launched a digital taxi-top campaign for US Airways shuttle service in New York and Boston. The work promotes the Arlington, Va.-based carrier’s 16 daily flights be-tween the two Northeastern cities and Washington, D.C.

The effort features what appears to be a ping-pong match between two of the three cities and resembles the old Atari game, Pong. Each taxi display contains three screens, two of which are labeled New York, Boston or Washington, D.C. Each features white paddles and a ball that seems to bounce back and forth between the two screens. The third screen shows the airline’s name, logo and campaign tagline, “Every hour like clockwork.”

According to Debbie Norris, agency vice president and associate media director, this is the first time a game simulation has been used with the technology, which was developed by media specialist Clear Channel.

Rui Alves, associate creative director at Eisner, said he and staffers came up with the idea after comparing the client’s shuttle service to watching a tennis game.

“The idea of the shuttle flying every hour, back and forth between New York, Boston and Washington, D.C., led us to the idea of tennis or ping-pong, and that led us to the graphic of the game, Pong,” Alves said. “Any outdoor medium has to be read fast and in this case especially so, since it a moving medium.”