Eaton Is In Control

It takes some imagination to compare a car’s steering column with an engineer’s nasal passages. That was the idea behind Sawyer Riley Compton’s trade ad for the automotive controls division of client Eaton.
Targeting car design engineers, Atlanta’s SRC sought to promote Eaton products that allow engineers to meet consumers’ demands. Apparently, drivers want more operations–AC, stereo and cruise controls, for example–conveniently mounted on the steering wheel.
“Crumple up this ad and stuff it up your nose,” declares the headline, while four illustrations demon-strate the process.
Copy explains: “Now you know what it’s like to try to fit [assorted devices] into a steering column. But then, you could just call Eaton,” which has integrated such features into “one compact steering column module.”
We assume, however, it won’t fit up anyone’s nose. –Katy Eckmann