Not many consumer magazines would shy away from putting Tom Cruise on their covers, but ifcRant might.
Targeted to the independent-film enthusiast, the New York-based magazine, set to launch in May, will avoid the “mass-entertainment audience,” said Caroline Bock, svp of marketing at Bravo Networks, which owns the venture, the Independent Film Channel cable station and a related Web site, www.IndieWire.com.
IfcRant ad pages will be “hitting 100 percent of our target audience,” said Ted Lambert, director of advertising for ifcRant. “Hip, edgy, well-educated people, who are discerning in their tastes and disposed towards spending much of their income on entertainment.”
Expect to see a lot of ad space devoted to airline, sportswear, video-store outlets and dot.com clients, added Lambert.
Bock said ifcRant’s own ads will be done in-house, airing on Bravo’s cable networks and online “using the Blair Witch approach” to generate buzz.
IfcRant will appear six times a year and retails for $2.95. Its prototype cover (shown here) features Dogma star Linda Fiorentino.
–Kathleen Sampe