EA’s Ghouls Have Got Game

NEW YORK How can depressed monsters commiserating at a bar not catch my attention on Halloween? I’m no gamer, but this new Web-only animated Intel spot cross-promoting Electronic Arts’ Hellgate, hitting stores today, is worth the one-minute-plus investment on YouTube, if only to hear a zombie lament about his increasing inability to get out of bed. “We all have inner demons, mate,” consoles his giant green friend. “Tell that to the 13-year-old who tired to stab me yesterday,” he responds. Now, the spot ultimately is selling the benefits of the Intel Core 2 Extreme game processor, which the ad gets to at the end. See, the demons are depressed because it makes the gamers more powerful and better enabled to kill them. As on-screen copy reveals, “It’s getting harder to be a demon.” Best dialogue is the final exchange between the two about getting help from a therapist. “Eh, just because we don’t have souls doesn’t mean we don’t have feelings, right?” Uh, maybe a follow-up will tackle that loaded question, or perhaps his first therapy session. MRM Worldwide in New York crafted the effort.