Earthgrains Breaks Bread Spots

Animated Takes and Amber Waves of Grain From Publicis Dallas
DALLAS–Earthgrains Co. introduces a $5 million-plus, two-pronged campaign today with television ads developed by Publicis Dallas.
The first 30-second spot is a zany, high-energy promotion for IronKids, the baker’s fortified sandwich bread targeted at children.
“You don’t want to blink when you watch it,” said Howard Goldthwaite, creative director at Publicis.
The spot is a compilation of different animation techniques. Shots include an IronKids spaceship, a crane putting a sandwich together at a construction site and a Monty Python-inspired “Sir Francis Bacon” composed of a head and a strip of bacon. The work was executed by Acme Filmworks in Los Angeles.
According to the agency, the spot targets kids 6 to 12, with an emphasis on the 10 to 12 range.
The second spot is a brand-building effort for Earth Grains Bread, the first image campaign for this product line in more than five years.
The new spot follows a traditional approach, showing waving fields of amber wheat, closeups of steaming bread and a hand sifting golden grains to form the client’s logo. The longtime tagline, “Bread is best,” is used.
“We’re trying to own the world of wheat,” said Goldthwaite. “We know other bread companies use wheat in their ads as well. That’s why we actually used wheat to make the logo.
“We tried a range of spots such as humor and celebrity endorsement, but what always rang true was the imagery of wheat,” Goldthwaite said. Since the brand’s launch in the 1970s, “Earth Grains has always had a kind of serious tonality, a wholesomeness, and this builds on that,” he added.
The spots features all the products within the Earth Grains portfolio, including bagels, International Hearth’s French loaves, rolls and a variety of premium breads like Honey Wheatberry.
Both ads will air in 30 markets across the southern U.S. through the remainder of this year and into 2000.
Publicis, which has served Earthgrains since its inception, recently held a 25-year anniversary party to celebrate its long-term relationship with the client. The festivities included a film clip showing the history of Earthgrain’s advertising.
St. Louis-based Earthgrains is the second-largest commercial baker in the U.S., according to Hoover’s Online, with sales last year of $1.9 billion.