Earth Shoes Returns

Earth Footwear’s first rebranding work from Holland Mark Advertising needed a hip, unconventional approach to reach contem porary consumers, the agency said.

The newly renamed brand—known as Earth Shoes during its 1970s heyday—relaunched in footwear trade publications this month with the first in a series of ads.

The initial execution, headlined, “You don’t see shoes like this every day,” features a TV news reporter and camera operator on an assignment. In the ad, the cameraman focuses his lens on the reporter’s Earth Footwear. The shoes, however, are kept just out of view.

The new tagline: “There’s nothing like it.”

The launch is slated for June—but the shoes themselves for the most part will not appear in consumer ads any time soon.

“Ads will not show the shoe initially,” said Marty McDonald, vp and creative director at Holland Mark in Boston. “It’s a different kind of shoe, and we wanted to do an [ad] concept that reflected that.”

Holland Mark is targeting 25- to 35-year-olds, McDonald said. Pains were taken to avoid a “retro,” nostalgic feel, said Charlie Liberge, evp for the client.

The shoes themselves will be available nationwide July 1. Ad spending will ini tially be in the low-seven figures, Liberge said.

Earth Footwear, introduced in 1957, has a heel at the front of the shoe, not the back. The brand, licensed in the U.S. through New York distributors Raymond and Eleanor Jacobs, ceased production in 1979. Michael Meynard, a Massachusetts footwear manufacturer and distributor, bought patent rights in the 1990s.