Dynamic Duos: Debbie Harry and Sting, Tom Hanks and Pirates, and Romeo and Juliet [Video]

A mashup of trailers for this weekend's new movies

There's no shortage of theories about how to make an innovative low-budget movie, but judging by its trailer and website, Escape From Tomorrow has created an entirely new model. Shooting your movie on a location where you don't have permission is one thing. Doing so in the Magic Kingdom? That's crazy courage. Disney may well be the most popular brand in the world this week, according to global communication and business strategy firm APCO, but that doesn't mean Mickey's legal team isn't on par with Scrooge McDuck's.

Despite using the same Canon 5d camera beloved of tourists, every independent filmmaker, the Adweek video team and Mads Brügger for his hilariously scary undercover doc The Ambassador, this trailer has an eyeball-blitzing aesthetic all of its own. Within moments, those deep-rooted and twisted emotions that have to do with industrialized entertainment in the company of immediate family are exploded in stark chiaroscuro. Trailer of the week. 

Elsewhere, Tom Hanks is reliably sturdy as Captain Philips, the regular guy who took on Somalian pirates. There's also a fantastically unmemorable trailer for a new version of Romeo and Juliet. CBGB rolls out a string of early '80s lookalikes to capture the attention of those for whom romantic tribute trumps historical accuracy (Iggy never shared the stage with Blondie, an old guy just told me). And finally, Machete Kills is for infants who grew up watching Spy Kids, have no concept of actual genre parody and who are not shocked and disappointed at the squandering of Robert Rodriguez's phenomenal talent. Now there's a fellow who once knew how to innovate a movie with no budget.

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