Dweck: X-treem Is ‘Jolt Cubed’

By Matt Surman

NEW YORK–Dweck & Campbell is positioning X-treem Caffeine as a drink that packs a punch in its first campaign for the Lewis & Clark/X-treem Productions Corp. brand.

Outdoor ads, breaking this month in the New York metropolitan area, feature glowing bottles of the high-octane drink on dizzying backgrounds. Headlines read: ‘An insomniac’s worst nightmare’ and ‘There’s plenty of time to rest when you’re dead.’

The ad campaign, which may eventually include a TV spot, has the tagline, ‘Caffeine you can guzzle.’ The client will spend less than $1 million advertising the new product, sources said.

‘This is serious. It’s Jolt cubed,’ said Michael Dweck, president of the New York shop, comparing the beverage with the high-caffeine, high-sugar Jolt Cola, which has been on the market since 1985. The X-treem beverage line, which includes such flavors as pink lemonade, kiwi strawberry and several iced teas, is infused with guarana, a berry that Brazilians use as an energy booster, Dweck said.

The agency won the account, which includes media planning and buying duties, in March.

Alan Silverstein, vice president of operations and marketing at the Mineola, N.Y.-based beverage company, said, ‘Our target isn’t only Gen Xers. It’s also for people in executive positions who are working all day long and need a pick-me-up.’

Silverstein has handled marketing for the client since Carl Gilman, a former executive at Snapple, was relieved of his duties as director of marketing two weeks ago.

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