Domino’s Remade the Running-Home Scene From Ferris Bueller With Joe Keery of Stranger Things

Fun way to promote the Domino's Tracker

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Nostalgia for the 1980s reaches peak levels in a new Domino’s ad from CP+B, in which actor Joe Keery, from the ’80s-era Netflix drama Stranger Things, re-creates the running-home scene from the classic ’80s movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off—to promote the Domino’s Tracker.

In the 1986 teen drama, Ferris, played by Matthew Broderick, is racing to get home before his parents do after his epic day of playing hooky. In the Domino’s ad, Keery is trying to beat the pizza man to his house after being alerted to a delivery by his Domino’s Tracker watch app.

It’s a pretty faithful remake, including many of the same shots. And there’s a great cameo, too, which we won’t spoil until you watch the ad below.

CP+B and Arts & Sciences director Matt Lenski filmed on location at the same house used in the movie. The spot, created under license from Paramount Pictures, will also air as 60-, 30- and 15-second national TV spots. And yes, the Alan Ruck (aka, Cameron Frye) cameo takes the spot to the next level.

A companion ad, also Ferris themed, does a nice job of showing how many ways you can order Domino’s digitally, from an Amazon Echo to a smart TV to a waterproof smartwatch.

“We know that customers find the Domino’s Tracker to be a fun part of ordering from Domino’s, so we tried to capture their excitement in this new ad,” Karen Kaiser, Domino’s vice president of advertising, said in a statement. “While we modernized the classic scene with Domino’s Tracker technology and Domino’s custom-built delivery car, the DXP, the scene otherwise stays true to the ’80s Paramount cult classic.”

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off may have come out 31 years ago, but its quirky charm and effortless cool keep on giving. And of course, it’s not the first time an advertiser has gone back to it. Honda famously did so on the 2012 Super Bowl, getting Broderick himself to reprise his role as Ferris.

Client: Domino’s
Agency: CP+B
Production Company: Arts & Sciences
Director: Matt Lenski
Partner/Managing Director: Mal Ward
Managing Partner, EP: Marc Marrie
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Line Producer: Dana Oberley
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Animation Company: Method Studios
Animators: Norris Houk

@nudd Tim Nudd is a former creative editor of Adweek.