the dog Days of summer

Mike Kintner is used to putting in long hours and sorting through tough issues.
But the president of O’Neal & Prelle in Hartford, Conn., recently undertook his most unusual and, as it turned out, stifling assignment: He donned a hot dog costume and hawked wieners
at Bushnell Park.
The project came as a mandate from Kintner’s employees, who were cashing in on the hour of his time they recently purchased for $125 at a recent auction conducted by the Advertising Club of Connecticut.
“It was really funny,” said staffer Gail Palmer, “but I didn’t realize until I saw the costume that it was like a fur coat! We don’t mind making a public spectacle of [Mike], but we didn’t want to kill him.”
Kintner survived the ordeal and took in $350, which was donated to Mayor Mike’s Companies for Kids, a program that encourages local corporations to support Hartford’s youth groups.
Did agency employees get their money’s worth? “I know we did,” Palmer said. –Sarah Jone