As Bruce Springsteen likes to point out, “Everybody’s got a hungry heart.”

For the last two years, Collins Youngclaus Advertising has been addressing that troubling issue on the medical front.

The Chapel Hill, N.C., shop has distributed millions of cholesterol management guidesto heart patients across the country, hopingto promote healthyeating habits.

The campaign is sponsored by the Heart-Health Partnership, a consortium that includes Kellogg’s, Procter & Gamble, Unilever Best Foods and the National Pork Producers.

The guides, distributed by registered cardiac nurses and licensed dieticians, contain healthy recipes, dietary suggestions, coupons and advertising from sponsor companies.

Research indicates the program has been taken to heart: eating health foods is up 49 percent; participating brand consumption jumped 233 per cent.

“This target audience is pre-qualified and highly motivated,” said CYA president Bill Youngclaus. “Their health depends on it.”